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U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at Dulles Airport seized 58 fraudulent state driver’s licenses that arrived from Asia May 3.

The licenses, which initially arrived in a cargo shipment during April, were destined for addresses in Washington, DC, Florida, Virginia, Georgia, and New Jersey.

“There is no valid or lawful purpose for importing fraudulent driver’s license,” stated Wayne Biondi, CBP port director for the Area Port of Washington Dulles. “As the nation’s border security agency, Customs and Border Protection is on the front lines to intercept illicit products that violate U.S. laws and regulations at our nation’s doorstep. This is an enforcement mission that we take seriously.”

CBP officers also seized counterfeit designer handbags, purses, watches and shoes in two air cargo shipments from China, and 27 grams of coca leaves in a Colombian traveler’s baggage. If authentic, the products had a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of nearly $58,000. The traveler admitted to possessing the coca leave for medicinal purposes.

CBP officers found these fake West Virginia driver’s licenses shipped from China.

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